Perfect to combine with: any other training plan.  


What you receive:

• 8 weeks of training.

• Workouts at home and gym.

• Access to the members page to connect with me and with the members.

• Instructional photos with tutorials too!

• Motivational advice to always stay motivated.

• Information about the right food to reach your goal.

• Information on heating & cooling when training.

• Scientific information about the gluteus muscles.

• Scientific information about muscle growth.

• Detoxification recommendations to keep the core tight.

• Downloadable PDF that you can save forever

• Online help to contact me directly with any questions.

• All levels  


Description: This 8-week plan targets your upper, lower and lateral (oblique) abs. This plan includes a 6-day workout routine for your abs that can be done alone or incorporated with a training plan. A page for food to have a flat belly is also included.


Ab Fitness Plan


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