Perfect to combine with: any other training plan.  


What you receive:

• 8 weeks of training.

• Workouts at home and gym at the price of one!

• Access to the members page to connect with me and with the members.

• Instructional photos with tutorials too!

• Motivational advice to always stay motivated.

• Information about the right food to reach your goal.

• Information on heating & cooling when training.

• Scientific information about the gluteus muscles.

• Scientific information about muscle growth.

• Detoxification recommendations to keep the core tight.

• Downloadable PDF that you can save forever

• Online help to contact me directly with any questions.

• All levels.  


Description: This 8-week plan is a full-body training plan with only the use of resistance bands. This plan includes a 5-day exercise routine for your glutes, legs. These band routines can provide you with effective strength training, whether you're on vacation, at school, at work or just in need of more variety.

Resistance Band Plan


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